​​Parents at Nursery
We welcome parents and carers into our classroom to help children in their daily routine and carry out activities based on our term's projects.


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Little Munchkins Montessori Nursery School

Unique Triangle

Montessori Approach

"A Montessori Directress is said to be: Behind the child, to see where they have been. In front of the child, to see where they are going and next to the child in case they need help." 
                     -Dr. Maria Montessori


About Dr. Maria Montessori

Feedback from Parents​​​

"We were really impressed by looking at the way this Montessori Nursery is designed in terms of the play area, Montessori materials and the safety measures they have in place!"

We aim to take a whole-child approach to elementary education. Members of staff work together to meet the social, intellectual, behavioural and emotional needs of the child.

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